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AWAKE Breast Augmentation

Sarah Pratt: I've always heard that, really, women get this for themselves, not for husbands. I didn't quite understand that but now I do because, really, it is... I've always had good confidence in myself. However, you just feel like you look better in tops and you fill things out better. It was so much fun to go out and try on new tops and not being extra small anymore.

Speaker: Breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures in cosmetic surgery, and for women who fear the risk of general anesthesia, there's a new technique. It's called Awake Breast Augmentation. It's all done in the office and under a local anesthetic. The best part? The patient remains awake throughout the entire surgery.

Jeffrey Caruth: Well, Awake Breast Augmentation is basically a concept where, as opposed to being under general anesthesia where you have the implant placed while you're asleep, that you are able to actually participate in the process. It's placed the same way as it is during a normal breast augmentation procedure. There's still risks that are involved with surgery, but you eliminate the anesthesia risk. Basically, you're able to actually sit up during the procedure and look at the size of the implant, and you can adjust the size during that procedure.

Megan Centeno: A lot of my girlfriends have had breast augmentations. They're not happy with them and they're like, "I wish I would have gone bigger," or, "I wish I would have gone smaller." I got to control that in the middle of my surgery.

Sarah Pratt: They helped me sit up and I got to see what they had done, and loved it.

Jeffrey Caruth: We also allow somebody like their husband or somebody, their family, to come in and give them opinions as well. It enables the patient to really have an input into what their final product is going to look like.

Megan Centeno: I guess I was a small D, and my mother was in the room with me and she was like, "Maybe we should go a little bit smaller," just because she didn't think I was going to like it. Well, once we did, it was like, okay, I'm so glad I went with the size I went with.

Jeffrey Caruth: One of the other things that we're doing as far as post-op pain recovery is we're using some new technology which involves electromagnetic wave therapy, and it's really made a huge difference in the recovery of patients. It's simply a patch that is worn on the area, which is on, in this case, on the breast. The people that we've used these patches on have essentially taken very little, if any, pain medicine.

Sarah Pratt: It was not a painful experience, not at all. The recovery was great and I do think that I recovered better by doing this procedure this way. I was so happy. I spent literally two days in my closet trying on all my clothes because you look like a different person.