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Dr. Jeffrey Caruth - Vampire Facelift

Dr. Caruth: Hi, this Dr. Jeffrey Caruth at Plano Aesthetics. I wanted to talk to you today about something called the vampire facelift, which has been in the news lately and basically is a new procedure which is using the patient's own blood cells, or platelets specifically. It's called platelet rich plasma, and what you do is basically take the blood just like you would from a blood draw and spin the blood down in a special tube that separates the blood components out and what we're basically doing is using this portion of the blood called the plasma, which is very rich in platelets to help basically regenerate, restore the skin. And the way this is done, it's kind of a whole cascade of events that occurs with with platelet rich plasma where you're basically harnessing your body's own cells to come to an area and to help basically heal that area or regenerate that area.

The thing that I find that is helpful with platelet rich plasma in the face, it not only helps with the skin tone and texture, but it may help with acne scarring. It may help with some other irregularities, contra issues. But I think it does give a younger looking skin. It's a natural product that your own blood cells... You can't be allergic to them. The only really side effects or potentially maybe some swelling and maybe some bruising that can occur after the procedure, but very minimal downtime. And it's a very simple procedure. So if you want more information on the platelet rich plasma or the so called vampire facelift, then call the office and we'll be glad to schedule a consult and I can explain more in detail what this involves.