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Dr. Jeffrey Caruth - AquaShape

Kristine Farrel: I had a super fast metabolism. I could eat whatever I wanted. I really didn't have to exercise much and had great abs. And then I kinda hit that 40ish and started getting some belly fat that I don't like. If it wasn't for Dr. Caruth performing this procedure, I probably wouldn't be having it at all. I know him and I trust him.

Speaker: Dr. Jeffrey Caruth with Plano Aesthetics is performing a brand new liposuction procedure called Body Jet. He is the first surgeon in the U.S. to perform this procedure and even helped train other physicians on this new technology.

Dr. Caruth: Body Jet is a technology that was devised using water assisted liposuction. It was FDA approved in the United States this summer. It's been very effective. I'm very happy with it. It's safer for the patient. It's easier for the patient. They have less pain. They have a very good result right away because you're not putting a lot of fluid in with traditional liposuction.

Basically you're using tumescent fluid, but you're getting the fluid out almost as fast as you're putting in, so it's very easy to really see what you're getting at the time of the procedure. Whereas traditional liposuction, you tend to have a lot of fluid leftover that continues to drain and it's very difficult to assess the actual results until maybe weeks later or at least days later.

The Body Jet, it's a water assisted liposuction device. The water is actually doing the work. The water is jetted out through a spray on the instrument, and it basically dislodges the fat cells from the surrounding connective tissue and doesn't damage the surrounding lymph nodes or lymphatic vessels or blood vessels, and at the same time, is suctioning out the fat cells.

The main use of Body Jet is gonna be contouring bodies, getting rid of fat, and it's much more efficient at removing fat than Smartlipo is. Smartlipo, it's fairly effective in areas where there's not much fat, but in somebody who has a little bit more fat, the Body Jet is very very efficient at removing that extra fat.

The other advantage of Body Jet is what you really see the results immediately because you not only remove the fat, but you've removed 80-90% of the fluid.

Speaker: Dr. Caruth says this procedure is ideal for almost any area of the body. And most patients can return to normal activity within 24-48 hours.

D'Ann Bickford: When I got up the next morning and worked a full eight hours. It's even after day two I've really had no need for any pain medication whatsoever.

Kristine Farrel: It was a much better procedure than I thought it was gonna be.

D'Ann Bickford: It's just such a boost in confidence, and I would never consider even looking at another office to perform procedures. I have all the confidence in the world in Dr. Caruth.