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Dr. Jeffrey Caruth - Body Contouring

Interviewer: Dr. Jeffrey Caruth is the Medical Director of Plano Aesthetics and is here to share innovative procedures called body contouring that are getting women bikini body-ready. Welcome, Dr. Caruth. How are you?

Dr. Caruth: Great, thanks for having me.

Interviewer: Well thank you for being here. I think what's really interesting about you is you look for those innovative procedures that have less down time and where you don't necessarily have to be put under. In fact, you do breast augmentations where you can be awake. That's very interesting. Tell us about that.

Dr. Caruth: Well basically in the last five years or so, the technology that's available for body contouring including things like smart lip or laser lipo and some of the other newer technologies enable you to basically contour people or get rid of small areas of fat with basically just a local type of anesthetic in the office, with minimal down time. They can achieve the look they want and really be back to normal activity in a couple of days with very minimal bruising or swelling or those types of things that are associated with more traditional lipo like in the past.

Interviewer: When this first came out, how did your patients perceive that? I'm sure they were all over it.

Dr. Caruth: I think that when SmartLipo was originally introduced in the United States, it was FDA approved in 2006. It was a definitely a turning point in the ability to contour people with minimally-invasive instruments which basically use a very small instrument like this, which is a very small tube or cannula that the laser goes through. You can see this is not much bigger than really a paper clip, so this goes under the skin, the laser melts the fat.

But the real advantage of the SmartLipo besides melting fat, it also helps tighten the skin, which is really a problem in most. Especially women after child bearing or even just aging, where they get maybe some loose skin, lax skin, maybe some stretch marks, maybe even cellulite, that type of stuff. So with SmartLipo, you not only get the fat melting, but you get tighter skin, which is really a plus.

Interviewer: Are these procedures for everybody?

Dr. Caruth: I think ideally the procedures like SmartLipo are ideally for the person who really tries to maintain a good, healthy lifestyle. They're in shape, they're working out on a regular basis, they're basically pretty healthy, but they just have areas like the stomach or the thighs that they just can't get rid of with exercise. I think it's perfect for those people. Can you do it on people that are a little heavier? Yes, of course you can, it's just not ideal for an obese patient, but traditional lipo isn't really indicated for obesity anyway.

Interviewer: Lately there has really been an upsurge in, you know, cosmetic procedures. Why is that, or why do you think that is?

Dr. Caruth: I think especially in the types of procedures that I do that are in the office where people come in, they can literally have the procedure done on Thursday or Friday, go back to work on a Monday. They don't have to miss any time, they can go back, nobody knows they did anything.

Interviewer: Yeah, that's just crazy to me. That's really neat.

Dr. Caruth: Then they go out, you know, a few weeks later they go to the beach or the swimming pool, and they've got the figure that they kind of always wanted, so I think it's the convenience of it. I think that, you know, we live in a time where obviously people want to look good. They're spending more time at the gym, and they're spending more time eating healthy, and they're doing all these things to look good, but there're just certain things you can't make better, you know. I see those people every day. You know, they're at the gym five times a week, but they can't get rid of their stomach, they cant' get rid of their love handles.

Interviewer: No matter how healthy they're eating or how hard they're working out.

Dr. Caruth: No matter what they do, and it's very frustrating for them, so these are generally people who are in good shape. Although, you know, I do see people that are also heavier, and so there are procedures equally as effective for them to get rid of fat that can be done really under minimal, local anesthesia with a quick return to work.

For instance, like Body Jet, which is a water-assisted liposuction device, which is instead of using suction with a traditional liposuction where you're ripping and tearing fat out with a cannula, you're actually using essentially like a water jet that sprays or washes the fat cells out. It's a very gentle way to remove fat, and it works excellent on people that, you know, have again areas that they want to get rid of, fatty areas that they want to get rid of.

Interviewer: We actually have some pictures of that on the lady that had that done to her. Well this is actually the fat injections, correct?

Dr. Caruth: Yes.

Interviewer: Tell us about that quickly.

Dr. Caruth: Fat transfer has been done for many years, and the problem with fat transfer in the past has been the viability of the fat cells. In the last few years, the technology has come along so the transfer of fat is much more successful now then it was years ago. So we're doing a lot of fat transfer now where we take fat from one area, let's say the stomach or the thighs, and we transfer that for instance to the face in an aging person who's losing volume in the cheeks or around the mouth or wherever, or the back of the hands [crosstalk].

Or even, you know, it's become fairly popular now to do natural breast augmentation with fat. Most buttocks augmentations now are done with fat, so we're seeing a lot more of fat transfer. Body Jet, which we talked a little bit about earlier, is one of the newer technologies which harvest fat very gently, and it's key to have basically very gentle harvesting of the fat because you're going to transfer the fat somewhere else. So it needs to be, you know, viable fat cells that you're transferring.

Interviewer: Wow, lots of great information, Doctor. Thank you so much for being here today and sharing.

Dr. Caruth: Thank you.

Interviewer: If you're interested in learning more about these rejuvenation techniques and services for getting bikini body-ready, visit Planoaesthetics.com.