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Speaker 1: There's no doubt that ladies want to look and feel in tip top shape, all over. That doesn't exclude their vagina. Yes, we said it, and get used to it, because we're gonna talk about vaginal rejuvenation. Heard of a facelift? Well, think of this as a below the waist lift. But there's a catch, no surgery. How? Through a treatment Dr. Caruth is offering in Plano Aesthetics called ThermiVa.

Dr. Caruth: ThermiVa is a new treatment which is basically using a small probe that uses radiofrequency energy to deliver a very specific, controlled heat to the area to help contract the tissue.

Speaker 1: The treatment is painless and requires zero recovery time.

Dr. Caruth: We've treated women from about 30 to 65 years of age. We've seen a mixed combination or a mixture of patients that have either laxity issues, looseness issues, loss of sexual pleasure, decreased sensation.

Speaker 1: But it's not all about pleasure. Just ask [Tracy Gonzalez] who looked into getting her procedure after experiencing bladder issues post-baby.

Speaker 3: So far I've seen a shift in the time frame in which I actually have to use the bathroom. I know some people think it was more of an aesthetic thing but really it can be an emotional thing.

Speaker 1: Hey, whatever the circumstance here's to turning a va-ja-nay into a va-ja-yay, and thinking inside, or outside, the box.