Yvette Gonzalez Post Prp - Plano Aesthetics

Yvette: Okay, it's been about three hours, and I just had PRP, and just left Doctor Caruth's office. I'm not feeling any pain; feels like a sunburn, and it looks like I have a chicken pox. So what I'm going to do is, I'm gonna continue putting some ice on my face and gonna check in later on today, around six o'clock, in another three hours, and see if there's any changes. I will be recording.

Hello again; three hours later. I have not put ice on my face since the last three hours. When I got home I was very surprised to see that I've had quite a bit of healing. A lot of the reddish tone on my face has gone away. I even had little purple capillaries showing, and they're completely gone. So I'm thinking once I put the ice on, probably gonna see even more healing tonight, which I'm really hoping for it because I need to go to work tomorrow, and I want to put makeup on to hide all the blemishes.

Here's a closeup of what my face looks like. You can tell a little better when I do a closeup with this camera, but I really can't pick up all the details. It's a huge difference, and I'm looking forward to a huge difference tomorrow morning before work.

Yvette here. 36 hours after PRP, I got up this morning, and the one thing that I was worried about the most was the pimple-like effect that I had. I would say about 80% of that was gone, so that was definitely a big plus because I was able to use the makeup to hide most of the blemishing and the little red markings that I had throughout my face. I feel like my skin is a little bit irritated now. My makeup's worn out; I don't want to put more makeup on top of the makeup. I really want to wash my face. You can see that I still have some red bumps that are noticeable, but it's not too bad. It's not like my normal skin, but this is definitely expected. I think if you're very particular you might want to take the next day off.

I have big expectations for tomorrow since I've seen such big changes throughout the process, especially overnight my skin looked so much better than the day before. So I'm hoping that tomorrow I'm gonna have more even-looking skin that is not... I'm expecting some of this bumpiness to go away completely so I can hide it with a makeup. And I will be reporting tomorrow. Wish me luck, and we'll see where we are on the process.

Yvette here. I am now on my third day. I had PRP done on Monday, around one o'clock, and it is Wednesday, around seven o'clock. I am about to go work out. I got up this morning and noticed that most of the swelling and bumps are basically gone. I really had really bumpy cheeks the last two days. Most of that stuff is practically gone, so I think tomorrow I'm sure I'm gonna be back to 100% of no bumpy skin. Most of the red dots are starting to go away, except some of the deepest ones you can just see; they're very fine, they're very small, they're very little. The warm sensation that I have is completely gone, and I will report again tomorrow around the same time, and let's see if we see some big changes.

Yvette here, reporting a week later, and I have definitely some big differences. I don't have any more blemishes, no more bruising, no more pin pricks that are visible; my skin is starting to look more clear, more even. It's definitely already a little better than it was before I went in, but Doctor Caruth said I'm not gonna see any big results until three weeks after the procedure. So I'm really forward to it, and hopefully I can report back three weeks later.