Vampire Facelift featuring Dr. Caruth on the CW 33

Barry Carpenter from the Dallas CW 33 stopped by the Plano Aesthetics office to learn more about a procedure that has earned the nickname, "Vampire Facelift"!

Barry: Vampires are everywhere these days in movie theaters and on TV. Now there's a vampire facelift procedure coming to a doctor's office near you.

Dr. Caruth: We'll stick right here sweetie.

Barry: Lonna Dionne is having the procedure done at Plano Aesthetics. The former model wants to reclaim what time has started to chip away. By filling in and plumping up the face that she doesn't see anymore.

Lonna: At this point in my life I'm just wanting to look a little bit younger, not quite liking what I see in the mirror these days.

Barry: Lonna has blood drawn and then a nurse spins it down to separate the plasma from the blood. The plasma is then activated with a calcium product.

Dr. Caruth: I'm gonna put a little bit around her lips to soften that line.

Barry: And then injected back into Lonna's lip line, brows and cheeks. Dr. Jeffrey Cruz says patients are looking for a more natural way to fight fine lines and wrinkles.

Dr. Caruth: I think the trend is towards regenerative medicine, growth factors, and platelet-rich plasma and all these things which are really harnessing your own body's ability to anti-age.

Barry: Critics say there are no studies to back up the claim that injecting your own blood back into your own face can take a bite out of wrinkles or not. But a friend of Lonna's who had the procedure is convinced it works. Dr. Cruz says that compared to synthetic facial fillers, the procedure is relatively holistic and at $1500 less expensive in the long run.

Dr. Caruth: With the platelet rich plasma you're basically allowing the body to restore normal soft tissue to stimulate collagen and so these results are gonna last for probably years as opposed to months.

Barry: After several injections, Lonna got to see the early returns.

Lonna: Oh my god. Dear lord I look like a little clown.

Barry: Dr. Cruz says the redness and swelling will go down and Lonna is confident her own blood will be her fountain of youth.

Lonna: I want it to just look like me only better. Only younger.

Barry: A little more like this. Barry Carpenter, for 33 news.