Cynosure Smart Lipo - Plano Aesthetics

Dr. Caruth discusses Smart Lipo.

Speaker: There is a major high tech advance in one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States.

Dr. Caruth: Hi, I'm Dr. Caruth at Plano Aesthetics. And I just wanted to go over some of the areas that I get a lot of questions about during consults. One of the most common questions that people ask me is, they come in, and they talk about areas they can't get rid of with diet and exercise. And a lot of these people are in great shape. They exercise, they eat healthy. But they just can't seem to get rid of small areas like the thighs, or the abs, or the lower back. And they're just resistant fat, and they really can't get rid of them. Some of it's the aging. Some it's childbirth. Some of it's other issues. But in general, there's really good technology now that can help people with these areas. And it's minimally invasive. Can be done in an outpatient basis, with local anesthetic. With or without mild sedation. The patient can really return to normal activity in a day or two. And return to the gym in three or four days. And with really minimal discomfort. Maybe a little tenderness for a few days. And that's about it.

Most common technology we use for this, for body sculpting and body contouring, is called smart lipo. Smart lipo is a laser assisted liposuction device that basically melts the fat cells with a small laser about the size of a paperclip. And this can be done very easily in the office, under local anesthesia. The patient can return to normal activity in two or three days. And it's very easily done. The fat cells are melted. We like to remove the fat cells. The laser actually stimulates collagen production, stimulates skin tightening. So the patient gets not only removal of the fat cells, but a tighter, smoother skin tone and texture. And this is a excellent procedure for people with these small areas that they can't get rid of in the gym. They can be done easily in an hour or two of time in the office. I give very good results for the right patients. If I can answer any concerns that you may have, just call the office, schedule a consultation, come in and talk to me. And I can go over it in more detail, what this involves.