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Dororthy Stayton: I've lost 42 pounds, and by losing that I have been able to go off my cholesterol medication and off of the blood pressure medication. And it's so wonderful not to be taking all those pills.

Joey Romero: I just wasn't comfortable with the way that I was anymore, and I thought, "I need to do something." My cholesterol had gotten kind of higher and my blood pressure was getting a little higher, and in the course of eight weeks I was able to lose 52 pounds, and it was effortless.

Speaker: Dr. Jeffery Caruth at Planos Aesthetics is the only doctor in North Texas, licensed to offer a new diet called the Doctor Ted diet.

Dr. Caruth: The Doctor Ted diet combines a very strict diet with exercise and also we're using some hormone creams that help to suppress appetite, help make you feel better, to increase your energy. We also use some vitamin supplements as well, to boost metabolism and to help with energy and things like that. So it's really a comprehensive diet program for people who have been struggling to lose weight, have been unsuccessful, or maybe they haven't even tried before, but it's a very simple diet. It's easy to follow, and it's been very, very successful. People are doing great on the diet.

Jenny Merwin: Well, it was absolutely fabulous. I love it! And I really love to eat. I love food. But then, you know with the desire to control everything.

Dr. Caruth: We're teaching people how to not only lose weight, but we're teaching them to eat healthy, we're teaching them to picking out the right things, how to prepare things correctly, and when they finish the diet, they realize they don't have to eat certain foods to feel good.

Dororthy Stayton: My life has changed completely, from the moment that I came into Dr. Caruth's office and started on the Dr. Ted diet. My life has changed completely. I'm a different person. I feel so good.

Joey Romero: I have so much energy it's unbelievable. I coach my daughter's soccer team, and it's fun getting out there and running around with the kids.

Speaker: So, exactly how much can you lose?

Employee: We are talking about a half a pound to a pound a day on this diet, and that is following the diet to a 'T', and following it like you're supposed to. Eating the right foods.

Joey Romero: Over the course of the diet, I was averaging like, at least six pounds a week.

Dororthy Stayton: I have tried everything there is to try, the diet pills, the different diets, including Dr. Atkins diet. I've done the Weight Watchers a couple of times, I've done a number of 1,000 and 1200 calorie diets. This is the only diet that's ever worked for me.

Jenny Merwin: It feels great! You feel powerful. Beautiful, confident. The worst thing about the diet is you have to go shopping. You need to buy new clothes.

Dororthy Stayton: I look in the mirror and I think, "Yes! You've done it! You look great." I feel so much better about myself, it has given me a lot more confidence now.

Jenny Merwin: It is exciting. I'm just happy.