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About Latisse

LATISSE is an FDA-approved prescription medicine that is often used by medical professionals to help patients achieve longer, darker, and fuller lashes. This product has proven effective for the treatment of those dealing with thin or thinning lashes that are the result of hypotrichosis, a medical condition that causes thin eyelashes. LATISSE is applied topically and directly to the base of the upper eyelashes with a small applicator. Within about four months of consistent application, patients begin to experience enhanced lash growth. At our Plano, TX practice, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Caruth is proud to offer LATISSE to help patients regain confidence and feel beautiful. Contact our office today if you would like to learn more about LATISSE.

Ideal Candidates

The best candidates for LATISSE are men or women in good overall health who want to improve the fullness of their eyelashes. Patients should have realistic expectations about their treatment. Patients with hypotrichosis are also ideal candidates for LATISSE, as the medication has shown exciting improvements for those suffering from the condition. You may not be an ideal candidate for LATISSE if you are taking antibiotics, have severe allergies or skin infections, or are nursing or pregnant.

Procedure Technique

LATISSE will be self-applied by the patient and is relatively easy to use. However, it is important that all given instructions are carefully followed. Your hands and face should be thoroughly washed and dried before application. All makeup, moisturizer, etc., should be removed from the face as well as contact lenses. The medication should be evenly applied across the base of the upper eyelashes on both eyes using the applicator provided. Applicators should be thrown away after each use in order to protect the sterility of the medication. LATISSE should not be used on the bottom lashes.

What to Expect

Many patients begin to see improvement around a month after beginning treatment, while full results should be achieved in about four months. Dr. Caruth encourages patients to continue the full 16-week treatment even if you are happy with your results at the four-month mark. It is possible that a patient may not obtain the same results on both sets of lashes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does LATISSE cost?
The price of one LATISSE kit typically includes one bottle of the eyelash serum and 30 pairs of applicators. The price of the kit can vary based according to the pharmacy you choose. LATISSE is not typically covered by insurance, so Dr. Caruth will help you understand your out-of-pocket costs.

How does LATISSE work?
LATISSE is a solution very similar to prostaglandin, a naturally occurring substance in our bodies that control cell growth. LATISSE works by regulating the growth cycle of the eyelashes, keeping them in a growth stage for longer or helping to transition them from an inactive to an active growth phase.

What is hypotrichosis?
Hypotrichosis is a condition classified by especially short, sparse, or missing. Patients with this condition are ideal candidates for LATISSE treatment.

What are the side effects of LATISSE?
The most common but mild side effects associated with LATISSE are itchy and/or red eyes. Less common side effects include darkening or redness of the eyelid, eye dryness, or eye irritation. Discontinuing the use of LATISSE will reverse eyelid darkening in a matter of months.

How long do the results of LATISSE last?
The effects of LATISSE will typically last about 1 – 2 months. Maintenance applications of LATISSE may be needed to help prolong results.

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Fuller Lashes Fast

LATISSE is a great option for individuals who are wanting to grow lashes that look fuller, longer, and darker eyelashes. At our Plano, TX practice, Dr. Caruth offers LATISSE for patients looking for a solution to help them regain confidence in the appearance of their lashes. We invite you to call our office today to learn more about this product and how it could help you.

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