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After the birth of our little angels, or even as we age, our vaginal anatomy can become, well…altered. Some of us might experience vaginal laxity or orgasmic dysfunction, where others might develop incontinence or dryness. These scenarios are not exclusive to just one woman. These are shared experiences and a lot of women can relate – some who might be your friends, but just aren’t talking about them.

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So, what’s a woman to do?

There are several medical options to help women with their sexual health when it comes to vaginal function. There are surgical options such as vaginoplasty or labiaplasty, but there are also newer technologies that involve good old-fashioned, heat. No not that kind of heat. Real. Powerful. Restorative Heat. The kind of heat that can also restore that kind of heat, so to speak, with your partner.

In fact, we as humans have been finding uses for heat — almost as long as we’ve been having babiessince the Stone Ages. Now, in the 21st Century, science has found another way to employ its properties.

Although radio frequency heat technology isn’t new to the medical field, (it’s been used in procedures for the treatment of back pain, also in the field of physical therapy, and even in aesthetics) the newest and most exciting innovation in restorative medicine employs RF technology and allows doctors to improve a woman’s sexual function with a treatment known as ThermiVa™.

The science behind ThermiVa™ is all about the heat generated by RF, or radio frequency, and how the temperature of the heat is controlled. Once the “S” shaped wand is inserted into the vagina it will shrink and tighten the vulvvovaginal tissue while a thermistor tip controls the levels of heat. The shape and gentle curves of the wand provides comfort and ease as the heat contracts the tissues into a tighter bundle. The procedure also encourages new, tighter collagen production and may help with tissue and nerve healing.

So, if you are experiencing any laxity symptoms, orgasmic dysfunction, atrophic vaginitis or stress incontinence, heat may be just what you’re looking for. (Even if your friends aren’t talking about it.) And as an added benefit, and unlike traditional surgeries, there is no downtime with ThermiVa™. The procedure is done in the office, within 30 minutes, and requires only three treatments. You can resume your daily activities without much interruption. If you’re ready to restore your sexual health and maybe even the heat with your partner, ThermiVa™ could be right for you.

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ThermiVa™ is currently cleared by an IRB (Institutional Review Board) at the FDA for studies on its effectiveness and as an alternative to surgery as a means to treat vaginal laxity, labia laxity, atrophic vaginitis, vaginal and vulvar dryness, mild to moderate stress incontinence, and orgasmic function. Dr. Caruth is one of only ten doctors in the country who is able to offer ThermiVa™. He sits on the Clinical Advisory Board for ThermiVa™ and its subsidiary (ThermiGyn™). Offering this technology is a logical step in his medical practice considering his previous OB/Gyn practice before branching into Plano Aesthetics. He has been helping women for decades with their sexual health and physical wellbeing.

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