The Number Eleven

Nuber Eleven

The number eleven: 11. A mirror of itself. A pair. A cute couple of ones. It’s a great number. Unless it takes up residency between your eyes. Then all of the sudden, the cuteness of the inseparable dittos loses it’s youthful luster and transforms into more than just the number right before twelve; it becomes a symbol of our age.

As we age, our skin loses elasticity. When we frown or squint or make facial expressions in response to our emotions, two major muscles, the corrugator and procerus, control the movement between our eyebrows. And although our muscles contract and relax, our skin doesn’t bounce back like it used to. Instead the deep, vertical wrinkles — also known as “the eleven” — can form between our eyes and cause our natural, relaxed expressions to look angry or tired.

Botox®, manufactured by Allergan, was approved in 2002 by the FDA to smooth the glabellar region of the forehead and has been a good solution to smooth out those deep wrinkles. But for most patients, the results last for only 2-4 months. Doctors have been searching for alternatives that can render longer-lasting results.

There is a minimally invasive procedure called ThermiRase™ or Radiofrequency (RF) nerve ablation; it has been in use throughout other medical specialties such as cardiology, pain management, and dermatology for nearly ten years. And now doctors believe its a good alternative to Botox® for the treatment of glabellar frown lines. It uses radiofrequency to target the motor nerves that control facial muscle activity which can cause “the eleven” between your eyes. This technology allows Dr. Caruth to precisely locate an area for treatment and then apply a specific dose of radiofrequency energy to a portion of the targeted area to ablate the nerves and produce successful long-term muscle relaxation without permanent damage to the nerves as they will regenerate over time. ThermiRase™ results can last three to for times longer than fillers — for 12-18 months.

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