Man O Pause

You’ve heard about it, right?


It does, in fact, have a “real” name and is a “real” condition. It’s known as Andropause, the as-close-as-it-gets equivalent to women’s menopause. But differences do exist between the two. Just like women and men in general. You know, the whole Mars vs. Venus thing.

During menopause, a woman experiences hormone levels that drop in a short period of time, causing symptoms like the infamous hot flash. This is her body’s signal that the reproduction chances are fading. But for us guys, Man-o-pause is a different story.

It’s all about the testosterone.

For us, we have the capability to reproduce over a lifetime since testosterone, the main male hormone, doesn’t drop suddenly. No. Men’s testosterone levels diminish over time, about 1-3% a year beginning at the age of thirty. By the time we reach fifty, our testosterone levels have decreased anywhere from 20-50%

Whoa, right?

Testosterone Difference

And this explains why, when we get older, our youthful, chiseled muscles flatten, the belly grows rounder, sex-drive slows down, and our clarity of thinking isn’t as sharp. Andropause could also be the villain who slowly robs you of your energy, too. But don’t fret. There is a solution.

For years, we have accepted the old anecdotal courses of treatment, which went something like this… ehh, it’s just what happens when you get older, accept it. But guess what? We don’t have to. Not anymore. There are new therapies available to improve testosterone levels, negating all the less-than-desirable symptoms that come with imbalanced testosterone. It’s called bio-identical testosterone replacement therapy.


Bio-identical testosterone is a re-creation of your natural occurring testosterone. Derived from botanical ingredients like soy and other plant-based products, these ingredients are compounded and hand-formulated into bio-identical testosterone pellets, which are used to replace hormone levels that diminished over the years. Typically, these pellets are placed in the hip area where they are, over-time, absorbed into the body. The incision is so small, it’s closed it with a piece of steritape. The whole procedure takes less than fifteen minutes and patients, like you, feel the difference in a matter of days. These pellets will last for 6-9 months and have an advantage over testosterone injections. With the pellets, the delivery method is consistent, no wild fluctuations. Patients experience weight loss, the return of lean muscle mass, improved mental clarity, increased energy and sex drive.


The process is simple. You will have your blood drawn, and when the results return to our office, your testosterone will be formulaically matched and made into the pellets. Dr. Caruth will insert the pellets, and you will begin to feel great once again. This can be done for women, too.

For you ladies…

The ovaries and adrenal glands produce small amounts of testosterone over a woman’s reproductive life. Once you reach menopause, however, guess what? Yep. You’ll experience the loss of testosterone, which in women, is responsible for lack of energy, loss of sex drive, generalized fatigue, loss of muscle volume, and yes, you guessed it — sound the gong here — weight gain. But the good news is the same as the guys. You can replace the natural occurring testosterone in low doses. Again, the process is simple. Blood is drawn, and when the lab returns your results, your testosterone is formulated and made into pellets. Dr. Caruth will insert the pellet and within days, you’ll notice a difference. Patients are experiencing a rise in their energy levels, sex drive and weight loss. Your pellets will last about 4-6 months.

Here is a Fox News article and video on bio-identical testosterone replacement.

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