Kenna’s Kids 2014

Kenna's Kids

Breana, Bryce, Caleb, Jace, Jackson and Thomas.

These names read and sound like they’ve been drawn straight from the-most-popular-baby-name-list. But something more serious binds these kids together. They all have something in common; they’re living with severe medical conditions.

Breana: Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

Bryce: Generalized Progressive Myoclonic Absence Seizures

Caleb: VACTERL Association

Jackson: Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Thomas: Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

Jace: Lymphoblastic Leukemia


Together, these strong and courageous kids serve as the faces of Kenna’s Kids for 2014.

Since 2008, Kenna’s Kids has organized its annual golf charity event to help raise money and ease the financial burden associated with the overwhelming and sometimes unmanageable medical costs that come with being chronically ill. Last year, the event saw over 1300 participants, volunteers and sponsors. But more importantly, over the past six years, Kenna’s Kids has improved the lives of many children like, Avery, Garret, Xander, Micha, Alec, Scarlett, Tristan, Grayson, Charlie, Makenna, Olivia, Rachel, Caydence, Dawson, David, Aaron and Tyler.

Plano Aesthetics is a proud sponsor of Kenna’s Kids. We invite our patients to join us on June 20th for an 18-hole, two-man scramble at Frisco Lakes Golf Club, then stick around the following day, June 21st, when the Frisco Fire Department assists with the ball drop. The ball closest-to-the-hole wins two round-trip-tickets anywhere in the continental U.S. Follow these links to register for the tournament, donate or sponsor.

For more information, or to read these kids’ compelling stories, visit Kenna’s Kids’ website.

In the meantime, tee-up for the cause, and we’ll see you on the greens!

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