Dr. TED Diet at Plano Aesthetics

Dr. TED Diet

Hormonal supplement diets are becoming very popular. The Mike and Julie Show even did a segment about hormonal supplement diets recently.

Did you know the Dr. TED Diet is a hormonal supplement-based diet?

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth of Plano Aesthetics has been helping patients melt pounds using hormonal supplements with this safe, medically supervised weight loss program.

Four components separate the Dr. TED Diet from other weight loss programs:

  1. The Dr. TED Diet follows a low calorie, mildly Ketogenic and Glycemic Index controlled meal plan. Patients eat 680 to 700 calories a day from a well balanced menu of protein, vegetables, and whole-grain carbs.
  2. To offset the effects of the reduction in calorie intake, Dr. TED patients use a hormonal supplement cream to prevent the “blah” feeling associated with dieting. The hormonal supplement cream triggers the body to release energy from stored fat, act as an appetite suppressant, and increase the “feel-good” mood levels.
  3. A weekly shot containing B-12, B-6 and three fat burning components. The ingredients in the shots help increase metabolism.
  4. Patients are also encouraged to use Caruth’s K-1 Vibration Exerciser, which counts as a weight-bearing workout Vibrations are generated on a standing platform that are transferred to the user’s body, causing the muscles to react by contracting in a reflex. Aerobic and weight-bearing exercises are also encouraged during the week.

Dr. Caruth, himself dropped 20 pounds and four pant sizes in six weeks. A doctor’s supervision is an advantage in monitoring patients’ health during the Dr. TED Diet.

Start losing weight before you gain it as the holiday season approaches!

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