Saggy Breast Fix With No Surgery?

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth | 10/21/2016

ThermiTight… As seen on “The Doctors".


New Marie Claire Article talks about ThermiVa…

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth | 10/13/2016

Follow the link to read the story at Marie Claire…


Dr. Caruth of Plano Aesthetics hosts ThermiVa Open House

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth | 08/11/2015

Sexual health is just as important as any other heath concerns…


Vaginal Tightening — ThermiVa

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth | 04/21/2015

The Science of Heat & Restoring Sexual Health


Psoriasis Awareness Month

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth | 08/13/2014

What’s your trigger? Stress? Skin Injury? Infection? Medications? The Weather?


Kenna’s Kids 2014

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth | 06/18/2014

Breana, Bryce, Caleb, Jace, Jackson and Thomas.


Aging Gracefully

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth | 02/07/2014

So what does it mean to Age Gracefully?


Feast on This

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth | 11/19/2013

No Gobble, Gobble for the Holidays



Dr. Jeffrey Caruth | 11/04/2013

It’s known as Andropause, the as-close-as-it-gets equivalent to women’s menopause.


Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth | 10/15/2013

Feeling a little off bAlaNCe?


Man-Boobs, Man-Cans, Moobs...

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth | 10/08/2013

3 Funny Names, 2 Types of Man-Boobs, 1 Serious Condition


Not Created Equal: Mineral Make-Up

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth | 10/08/2013

In 1976, cosmetics firms were required to list ingredients on their product. This created a domino-style demand for more organic and natural products.


Satisfaction Rates & Breast Augmentation

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth | 08/04/2013

Botox, in 2012, was the leading minimally invasive cosmetic procedure, but Breast Augmentation remains the most popular US cosmetic surgery procedure.


Sleep Deprivation & Cell Phones

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth | 07/24/2013

The combination could be making us FAT.


“The Cosmetic Surgery Diet”

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth | 07/12/2013

If you’re looking to slim down before a procedure, a good place to start is with “the cosmetic surgery diet”.


The Number Eleven

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth | 06/06/2013

The number eleven: 11. A mirror of itself. A pair. A cute couple of ones. It’s a great number. Unless it takes up residency between your eyes.


Dr. Caruth, Plano Aesthetics and the Dr. TED Diet Making Waves

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth | 02/18/2012

Dr. Caruth of Plano Aesthetics has appeared on WSAV in Savannah, GA and on KARK 4, Arkansas Matters.


Congratulations to Drew Carey On His 70 Pound Weight Loss!

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth | 09/02/2011

52-year old Drew Carey says he has lost over 70 pounds.


Dr. TED Diet at Plano Aesthetics

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth | 01/18/2011

Hormonal supplement diets are becoming very popular. The Mike and Julie Show even did a segment about hormonal supplement diets recently.


Body Jet on The Doctors TV Show

Dr. Jeffrey Caruth | 02/06/2010

The Doctors TV Show recently featured Water Assisted Liposuction/Body Jet!


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