Cosmetic Surgery Specials

August Specials

August Specials

BodyTite for Liposuction and Firming - Abdomen $1,000 off

(Regular pricing $4,500)

BodyTite gently treats fat in stubborn areas while tightening and lifting the skin, helping sculpt your body into its ultimate shape. It's safe, effective, and minimally invasive. Before and after pictures here.

Introducing New Service - Aviva $500 off

(Regular pricing $3,000)

Dr. Caruth now offers a new technology that allows shrinking of labial tissue without surgery or scalpels — thus the name, "scarless labiaplasty." AVIVA with AccuTite Technology, is a minimally invasive, non-surgical device that uses radio frequency technology to reduce and shrink excess labial tissue. This innovative procedure can be done under local anesthesia, in an office setting, in less than 20 minutes, without excising excess skin.

*Offer Valid Through 08/31/2019

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